Finding the right commercial law team for your situation can be a difficult, daunting and expensive task. As with a majority of commercial law cases, ensuring that your solicitor is knowledgeable, experienced and open is vital. Strong communication between yourself and your lawyer will usually provide a much more beneficial result for your situation. Find a law firm that has a strong grasp of the commercial and litigation sectors, and use that information to make your selection. Regardless of whether you’re looking in Caloundra or Noosa, there are a number of professionals that can effectively meet your requirements. The majority of these professionals will maintain websites that communicate and illustrate their legal expertise.

Commercial Law

Essentially, commercial law (business law) covers the majority of the transactions that everyday residents of the Sunshine Coast make. Commercial law has a fairly broad application, encompassing the majority of commerce and commercial interactions.Commercial law is primarily made up of six core areas: contracts, taxation, employment law, mergers, health and safety, and finance. One of the most notable sectors of commercial law has become debt recovery.

Generally, the best time to get your commercial law advice is as soon as possible (i.e. before you sign a contract). Understanding the liabilities associated with a transaction before you make a commitment can save you substantial costs. There are a number of Sunshine Coast solicitors that can work with you to understand and evaluate the risks involved in any commercial transaction. As the commercial sector continue to become more and more litigious, the need for professional law advice grows. When looking for the right commercial law team for your situation, consider two core elements: their specialisation and their experience. A number of commercial law teams will have much greater experience within a particular sector or situation, so do your research and you can find significantly greater value.

Garland Waddington

The team at Garland Waddington pride themselves on their no-nonsense approach to commercial law advice. Garland Waddington have had over thirty successful years of delivering commercial law solutions to meet the needs of their clients. Offering plain English explanations, they are able to provide you with advice that makes you fully aware of your risks and options. Garland Waddington Solicitors are based in Maroochydore, and offer a comprehensive range of legal services (and advice) to the Sunshine Coast region, covering:

  • Commercial, business and corporate law
  • Property, leasing and conveyancing
  • Litigation and dispute resolution
  • Building and construction law
  • Family law
  • Wills, trusts and estate planning