Legal Issues

Legal issues usually involve a complex and stressful array of elements. An effective solicitor will successfully mitigate any concerns involved in your case. They should be able to provide both calm and understanding to you in regards to your legal situation.

There are a number of effective law firms located around the Sunshine Coast, each offering a unique advantage to their clients. Whether you’re involved in a personal injury claim or workplace litigation, there is sure to be a legal professional that’s right for you.


The most advantageous strategy when seeking legal advice to is select a professional that specialises in your cases area. For instance, if you are going through a divorce, then a solicitor that specialises in family law will be best for you. Throughout both Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast there are a number of law firms and specialities.

In recent years, this specialisation in a particular area of law has become fairly standardised. This specialisation could be within a considerably narrow field (e.g. custody law), or something much broader (e.g. conveyancing). This specialisation is sometimes applicable for just a singular solicitor, and sometimes for the entire firm. Choosing a specialised law firm or solicitor is always going to provide you with a higher chance of success in your legal matter.


With a number of conditions, loopholes and complexities within a case, it is important that your solicitor has a complete understanding of your case.Your legal professional should be able to demonstrate some past experience with cases of a similar nature. The more recent this experience, the better, as it confirms there understanding of modern, current issues in the area of law.

Bennett Carroll

Bennett Carroll Solicitors offers a comprehensive range of legal services to the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast regions. Bennett Carroll is unique in that they speak to their clients in plain and open terms. This is a legal firm with considerable experience across a number of legal areas.  They range of legal areas that Bennett Carroll offer advice on includes:

  • Commercial Law
  • Family Law
  • Litigation
  • Conveyancing

Choosing A Solicitor

Before you select for family law solicitor, it is important that you have a complete understanding of your desired outcome. Whether this is to maintain as much property as possible, or to minimise expenditure, you should have a clear understanding. The desirable solicitor should be accessible, and open when communicating about your case.

Family law is a complex and often emotionally involved area of law. The lawyer you choose should be able to communicate a solid understanding of all of the issues involved in your case. They should essentially be able to provide you with assurance and mitigate any concerns that you have.

It is important to have a positive relationship with your solicitor, as you are going to have considerable contact with them during your case. It is usually worth establishing the fees, costs and time that is likely to be involved in your case.