What Are Management Rights?

The Australian management rights practice has grown considerably in recent decades, and has since become a core part of the nation’s tourism industry. In Queensland alone, the management rights industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Management rights businesses are often referred to as an ideal home business solution, as it offers a involved experience that has extensive responsibility. 

As the industry has grown so substantially, there has been a number of legislative introductions by the State Government. An accountant with appropriate management rights experience will provide you with the know-how to navigate these various legal hurdles and requirements.

Basically, the management rights practice is as follows:

  • Property is developed (e.g. units, apartments or town houses)
  • Allocates a long-term caretaker for the property (on-site living)
  • On-site manager can let the properties (e.g. units, apartments or town houses) for owners

The practice of management rights is evident throughout the Sunshine Coast area, and common in areas such as Caloundra, Mooloolaba and Noosa.

Management Rights Cost

The cost of management rights will vary considerably and are typically dependant on the property’s net profit. banks and lenders will often lend a sizeable portion of the total purchasing price. A management rights specialist or accountant will usually be able to suggest an appropriate price range for potential management rights businesses.

The costs will vary for a number of different reasons, including:

  • Future growth potential (e.g. return on investment)
  • Status of the market (e.g. supply and demand)
  • Length of the agreement

Accountants & Specialists

Many Australians choose to invest in management rights, and for a variety of different reasons, including the strong return on investment and the lifestyle changes that come with working from home. Not only will specialists be able to provide you with potential property recommendations, they offer insight into the roles and processes that management rights businesses regularly face.

Whether you’re buying or selling your management rights; the knowledge and insight of an accounting with management rights experience is crucial. They will be familiar with the industry’s legal and financial complexities; offering you an effective and efficient transaction.

A comprehensive of the legal and financial obligations that come with a management rights business will help you improve your overall return on investment. The purchasing process for a management rights business can be complex and lengthy. There are a number of steps including the financing, approval process and appropriate licensing. Maintaining the structure and control of your purchasing process will set the basis for your business’ future.