Rental Car Agency

There are a number of rental car agencies located around the Sunshine Coast area, including Caloundra, Noosa and Maroochydore. While each of these agencies will offer a fairly standardised range of vehicles, it is their price and service which differentiates them. When selecting a Sunshine Coast rental agency, your primary concern will typically be your budget. This is a common habit which should try to be avoided when selecting a rental agency. While it is definitely important to stick to your car hire budget, it is important that you are able to differentiate the base rate from the overall price. There are a number of agencies which offer a competitive, low base rate, only to include a number of additional hidden fees at the end of your booking.

If you are a visitor to the Sunshine Coast region, then a rental car agency within the Maroochydore region is most likely your best bet. Maroochydore is located just ten minutes drive from the Sunshine Coas Airport, with cars often able to be delivered on flight arrival. This provides you with a considerable amount of convenience and value, and is an extremely good start to your holiday.

When browsing different car hire agencies, investigate whether there are any of these ‘hidden costs’. This will surely save you a nasty surprise down the road. In recent years the booking process has been significantly streamlined, with the majority of rental agencies on the Sunshine Coast now accepting online bookings. With the ability to make a booking well in advance, the stress and hassle involved in the booking process has been significantly reduced. When booking with a rental agency, you should try to choose an established company with a good local reputation. Reputation and history are strong indicators of the quality and value of a company.

Half Price Car Rentals

Located on Aerodrome Road, Half Price Car Rentals prides itself on providing the cheapest prices and best service on the Sunshine Coast. The rental agency provides an extensive range of vehicles to meet the varying needs of customers, with four door compact cars, sedans, utes, vans and trucks. The friendly and service-oriented team guarantee the lowest discounted rates on the Sunshine Coast. With fast pick-up and delivery around the Sunshine Coast, the value from Half Price Car Rentals is unbeatable. There are three unique services which Half Price Car Rentals aims to deliver:

  • The cheapest price
  • The best service
  • The biggest variety

With a client base spanning nineteen years, it is clear that the team from Half Price Car Rentals can consistently deliver a quality product at a competitive price. The agency regularly offers a number of specials and incentives to make a booking, including a complimentary pick-up service. Despite being positioned as an affordable car hire option, the Half Price Car Rentals agency offers a number of quality vehicles, including: the Toyota Yaris, the Toyota Corolla, the Toyota Prado, the Huyundai Getz and the Hilux Workmate. The agency offers four primary pick-up locations:

  • Brisbane Airport
  • Maroochydore City
  • Noosa
  • Sunshine Coast Airport