Summer finally started in the Sunshine Coast, with the temperature averaging thirty five degrees across the region. The unforgiving Queensland sun has made it somewhat unbearable to be outside in the backyard too long. It is just too hot. It seems the secret to keeping cool is to find yourself some generous shade.

On keeping your living space cool, the norm (particularly on the Sunshine Coast) is the usage of shade and tension membrane structures. The pieces not only keep you comfortable during the summer, but can offer a designer touch to your outdoor living area.Shade sails provide sun protection for outdoor areas, and can vary greatly in size. Shade sails are produced from shade cloth, which blocks out the sun’s harmful UV rays, while letting in a small amount of light (through tiny air holes). The lighter coloured shade clothes will allow more light through (blocking less UV rays), while the darker colours allow less light through (providing more intense UV protection).

The tiny air holes in the shade sail cloth allows the cloth to breathe and water to pass through. Areas under the shade structure generally enjoy a temperature that is twenty degrees cooler than above. There is practically unlimited application for shade structures, including residential, commercial and industrial.

Shade N Net is a Sunshine Coast provider of shade structures, and offer a wide range of products and services, including membrane structures, pool shade structures , umbrellas, shade sails and walkways. Shade N Net have been developing and installing its high quality shade structures for over twenty years. As an Australian company, Shade N Net provide a cost-effective and efficient solution to meet your needs.

Shade structures are considered an essential element in any children’s playground, particularly in schools. The shade sails protect children’s tender skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Shade sails are available in a variety of readymade sizes or custom-made designs. Even though leaving your shade sails up permanently will pose no problems, you always have the option of removing and storing them when not in use (eg. the colder months). This option presents a significant opportunity to maintain the shade structures during wind-storms and other extreme weather conditions. The shade structures can simply be removed and set up again once the weather improves.

Shade N Net also provide a variety of custom designed, heavy-duty shade structures, including timber park shelters and furniture. Shade sails can significantly improve the aesthetics and appeal of an outdoor area. The size, shapes, colours and fabrics of shade sails can considerably develop the ambience of your personal outdoor living space. Shade structures are popularly used by a strong portion of Sunshine Coast residents to ensure they stay cool through summer.