The concept of advertising has been prevalent since the Egyptians were using papyrus for wall posters and sales messages. History notes that the usage of out-of-home advertising is the oldest form of advertising, evident in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome and throughout the Middle Ages. While it may have been extremely basic strategic media planning, it was significantly more informative and valuable than the modern forms of advertising.

As education developed, reading materials were developed for advertising, including handbills. Advertising appeared in newspapers, promoting essentially books and medicine. As this advertising practice expanded, the concept of paid advertisements was introduced. By 19000 the concept of an advertising agency became relatively established, focusing on creative planning and media placement.

Fast foward twenty years and radio stations are established, offering sponsorship programs. However this practice soon developed into the modern practice of selling ad ‘slots’ in a program. This concept was carried over into television advertising (tv advertising) thirty-odd years later. In some instances within the realm of television advertisement, the advertising agencies would actually write the show themselves.

The 1960′s saw campaigns that diversified spending through various different mass media channels, including:

  • radio advertising
  • print advertising
  • television commercials

Twenty years later and the introduction of cable television (particularly MTV) produces a new type of advertising. In the new advertising model the consumer seeks the advertising message, rather than it being a by-product of the advertisement. This was particularly evident in shopping channels devoted to advertising (Home Shopping Network etc).

Another twenty years later and the boom of websites such as the Google search engine change the advbertising world. Emphasizing contextually relevant and unobtrusive ads that hold value (help rather than inundate) for the consumer. The strong value in search-engine results saw significant growth in search engine optimisation service requirements. While pop-up ads also plagued the internet until only a few years ago, the introduction of YouTube and online video-advertising was a positive development.

Real-time marketing from social media service Twitter made viral marketing and advertising fast and free. Facebook introduced the concept of behaviour based advertising (specifically targeting user’s social interactions), and social media was born. The social media marketing and advertising reflects a new step towards interaction for businesses and brand images. Engaging their audience and potential customers, businesses are able to promote themselves through competitions, discussions and news.

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It is evident that a dynamic combination of various advertising efforts will often produce the most efficient and effective results. When evaluating the marketing for your small business, you must always focus on one basic business principle: return on investment.