The SunshineCoastis a highly sought region for events and functions; providing the perfect destination and array of venues. In achieving a successful party, event or function, there are three core elements that much be established: the budget, the theme and the venue. TheSunshineCoast offers innovation and value; with a diverse range of simple, yet effective event solutions.

The budget refers to the amount you are willing to spend on your event, and will ensure the rest of the selection process runs smoothly and efficiently. An appropriate budget will also put other aspects of the event into perspective. Decide whether the venue will be indoors or outdoors, and develop appropriate transport arrangements. Check if the venue has any curfews or restrictions that could impact the scheduling of your event. Within residential areas, curfews are typically set at nine thirty or ten in the evening.

Corporate events and weddings parties provide the ultimate challenge for any event planner, whether they’re experts of beginners. The beautiful Sunshine Coast region hosts a number of venues and locations that could be ideal for your event. Bear in mind that your event should provide an experience, not just a location.

It is important to maintain a clear understanding of the purpose of your event. Developing a comprehensive understanding of the purpose (and theme) of the event will make the rest of the decision making process significantly easier. Many Sunshine Coast function venues will offer event planning advice and assistance, which can alleviate both your stress and time constraints.