The search for the perfect venue on the Sunshine Coast can be a difficult and challenging task. Whether you’re hosting a wedding reception, a corporate event or any other event function, the venue can be a significant determinant of the event’s success. The Sunshine Coast has an abundance of potential venues for your event, spanning from Caloundra to Noosa, from the Malaney hinterlands to the Mooloolaba coastline.

The organisation of your event will typically require a substantial level of planning, control and execution. Sunshine Coast Businesses understands the stresses and frustrations often involved in event planning, so let’s look over a few of the factors that arise when selecting a venue. Peregian Springs Golf Club offer  an affordable, prestigious venue for your Sunshine Coast functions.

Function Location

The location of the function centre is possibly the most important criterion when selecting the optimal venue for your event. The venue must be centrally located to the majority of attendees, while providing easy accessibility and overall convenience. Ideally, the venue should be well linked to alternative forms of transport (i.e. public transport, courtesy bus or taxis). If you event is hosting international or national delegates, host the event relatively close to their accommodation.

Function Venue

The four key factors that must be considered when selecting a venue include its suitability, availability, size and cost. Firstly, does the venue effectively support the company’s image and overall purpose of the event? If the event you are hosting is of a corporate nature, perhaps the Peregian Springs Golf Club is a suitable choice for you. If your event is a shareholder meeting, perhaps a conference hall is better.

The goal of making a positive impression should be evident in any planned event or function. Developing the image of your event and business can be achieved by opting for the services of a prestigious or reputable venue. Either way, the venue you select should communicate the overall message of your event, while maintaining relevance with the company and attendees.

Venues are often booked well in advance, so it’s important you do not leave the organisation too late. As the venue host you may require additional equipment, accommodation or assistance. Event coordination requires a significant level of preparation and organisation, so ensuring your venue is available will significantly limit risks and stress.

When selecting the most appropriate venue, it is important to effectively evaluate the size and seating capacity of the venue. Will the venue comfortably allow guests and attendees to flow through the venue? Will all attendees have a clear view of the speaker? Guests should be able to move freely throughout the room without disrupting the purpose or actions of the event.

Finally, the overall budget for the venue must be determined. Sunshine Coast wedding venues are typically more affordable than those offered within the city regions, so shop around and find a price that works for you. Peregian Springs Golf Club offers an affordable array of functions packages; whether you’re hosting a wedding, function or golf event. Setting a budget before exploring your options will limit overruns and impulse decisions. Discuss any cancellation policies or additional fees associated with booking the venue.

Venue hosts should typically opt for a venue that is easy to locate, and can be reached without too much hassle. If your venue is out of the way, directions or maps should be included with the invitations. Many venue providers will offer transport facilities or amenities to venue guests, so be sure to check exactly what each venue provides.

Function Catering

Food and refreshments should be evident at almost every function. The success of any function or event is reliant on the guests feeling comfortable, satisfied and pleased. Providing food and refreshments will typically fulfil these basic requirements. There are a number of catering providers throughout the Sunshine Coast, with a number of venues providing the service.

The quality (and quantity) of food and refreshments you provide can be entirely dependant on the overall purpose of your event. A corporate event may provide a limited range of refreshments, while a wedding may provide a comprehensive range of both food and beverages.

Any successful corporate event requires substantial planning and organisation. Your venue should accommodate all aspects of the event, with the necessary facilities for all activities or doings.