As difficult as it is for some to believe, the words golf and business are becoming synonymous. Golfing provides a professional, yet casual means to interact with potential clients, and offers a much greater chance of securing a business deal. Golfing events within the corporate setting offer a chance for networking and socialisation that would often fail to occur.

So what does this mean for Sunshine Coast businesses? Should golf be included in the marketing strategy? It is important that readers are able to distinguish the differences between a corporate golf day and a normal golf day. While normal golf days are fairly simple, corporate golf days maintain an extensive level of branding and positioning within the event. There are a number of Sunshine Coast venues that offer an appropriate setting for your golfing event.

The benefits of corporate golf days apply to both the manager-employee relationship, and the business-client relationship. Corporate golf events can act as an important motivational tool within a company, with greater loyalty and consistency. In regards to clients, corporate golf events project confidence in clients and customers, while also providing a stage for discussion.

The team at the Peregian Springs Golf Course pride themselves on providing the best possible service to members and guests. There are a number of different function packages to suit the needs of any successful event. With a range of catering options, expert advice and comprehensive assistance for your event, it is hard to ignore the value from Peregian Springs Golf Course.

Regardless of the obvious marketing advantages that golfing events have to offer, there is a strong social benefit evident in each event. A chance to unwind with good company should be encouraged in any Sunshine Coast business.