The team from Sunshine Coast Businesses heavily embraces any family-owned and operated, local business that offers Australian-made products, particularly when their products and service are of a superior quality. Based in Yandina, the Mattress Company offers a comprehensive range of mattresses to residents throughout the region, including:

  • Inner spring mattresses
  • Pocket spring mattresses
  • Latex mattresses
  • Commercial mattresses
  • Custom mattresses
  • Caravan (and motor-home) mattresses

Whether you’re buying a new bed, or replacing an existing mattress; the choice you make will impact a third of your life while you have the mattress. Many Sunshine Coast residents are faced with the choice between big-brand mattresses or the local supplier. While the big-brand mattresses typically offer a much more comprehensive product range, their products quality and customer service is usually lower.

The big-brand mattress manufacturers will offer a standardised product with the goals of profits and margins. Local manufacturers on the other hand provide a product that effectively meets customer demand (and expectations). Big-brand manufacturers often utilise the materials (and labour) that is easier to standardise and mass-produce; thus offering a lower quality product at an often similar price.

Buying your mattress should be a process that includes substantial research (and testing!). Do your homework and be sure to try before you buy. Ultimately, the customer’s choice should be based on comfort, lifestyle, budget and preference. Residents around the Sunshine Coast should be looking at the value when shopping for a mattress, rather than at the price – it will offer a greater long term return for your wallet, your body and your sleep.