Fortunately, the majority of Sunshine Coast parent’s recognise the danger ultraviolet radiation poses on the playground (particularly in summer months). Shade projects around theSunshineCoast are finally receiving the much needed attention and funding. In addition to any skin damage, playground equipment and facilities become heated and dangerous.

So what do you do about getting your local school or park the proper shade? Well the first step is to document the current shade limitations, and find a way to work with it. Often this can mean pruning branches and moving equipment (especially seating!). Children are known for their active lifestyles, so comprehensive scattered shade structures should be effective. If there are certain areas of the school or playground where children tend to be confined, adding more shade or cover is highly recommended. In most cases, a combination of natural shade and artificial shade structures will provide the most efficient cover.

Your shade structure fabrics should state the overall level of UV protection they offer, and ideally it should be the equivalent of a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of over fifteen. Interestingly enough, children usually receive eighty percent of their lifetime sun exposure before the age of eighteen. The risk of sun damage during childhood only further increases the risks of developing skin cancer in adulthood.

By providing appropriate school shade throughout the Sunshine Coast, parents are able to make clear headway in the prevention of skin cancer. In recent years sha, parents are able to make clear headway in the prevention of skin cancer. In recent years shade sail providers have moved to the forefront of recreational manufacturing, as the importance and benefits of shade structures is finally realised.