The blistering Australian sun, coupled with the humidity can easily dehydrate someone, and even more so with school children. Shade structures (if properly designed and positioned) can offer cool shade throughout the summer. Shade structure providers Shade N Net offer innovative designs that are inexpensive, durable and aesthetically pleasing. One of these shade structure is the shade sail, a lightweight fabric that spans over a desired area, providing adequate shade and complimenting any outdoor living area. Shade sails are a multipurpose solution to the Australian summer heat.

Shade sails are both functional and elegant, with the highest quality sails produced from lock-stitch material. Most commonly used in shopping centres, community centres, schools and sporting venues, shade sails have become an essential part of staying safe in the Australian sun. The shade sails breathe fresh air in and hot air out, while also preventing damaging UV rays. When a broader area needs to be covered, a combination of shade structuress can be utilised.

The highly functional shade sails are simple to use, and can be easily rolled up and put away when not in use. Although highly durable, the ease of storing the shade sails makes for an attractive alternative during the radical climatic changes Queenslanders often witness.

There are a variety of different shade sails designs for your home, choosing the right one depends on both the purpose and budget. If you seek a visually stunning centrepiece, consider purchasing gazebos, however, if you are looking for a casual shading option, consider cabanas.

Shade sails provide an additional advantage over the alternatives in that they do not limit foot traffic. Where other non free-standing shade structures might block a foot path or present an obstacle, shade sails can remain unintrusive above ground.

Australian’s have seen a need for shade structures throughout both public and private locations; in businsesses, schools, parking lots, parks and more. While over the years many shopping centres and parking lots have opted for the steel-roof shade structures, recent times have seen strong popularity with the fabric canopy shade structure.

The steel shade structures are a more durable and maintenance-friendly option. The sturdy structure and simple design makes it a popular choice amongst many buyers. The alternative shade structure, the fabric canopy, is not only significantly cheaper, but also much more dynamic and attractive.

For your outdoor living area, lawn, backyard or patio, shade structures can keep the overall temperature about fifteen degrees cooler, preventing 98% of the sun’s harmful rays. Shade sails will usually have a tolerance of up to one hundred and fifty miles per hour. Generally, shade sail structures come with a twenty year structural guarantee, with your ability to build on this with protective coatings, it is obvious shade sails can provide a lifetime benefit.

Professionally designed, manufactured and installed shade sails will not fade, sag or tear. Utilising a professional shade structure provider will ensure you get the most overall value. While the DIY alternative may be tempting, it is important to remember that shade sails and structures are a lifetime investment.