Shade sails are continuously gaining popularity throughout the Queensland, particularly on the Sunshine Coast. Shade sails offer an unmatched combination of protection and flexibility against Mother Nature. Sunshine Coast shade sails manufacturer EC Shades offers the stylish, semi-permanent alternative to gazebos at a highly affordable price.

While the concept is fairly simple, the quality and sophistication of the fabrics used has increased dramatically over the years. Newer shade sails are lighter, more durable and are generally able to hold a much more flexible shape.

So what do you do with your shade sail during the winter? The Sunshine Coast often sees extreme storm weather over the winter months; will your shade sail be safe? The answer of this question is really anyone’s guess; it depends completely on the age of the shade sail, the location, the size and most importantly the severity of the weather.

Although shade sails are generally fixed to permanent fixtures, they can be easily removed and conveniently stored if required. It is important to note that just because shade sails can be easily taken down; there is no need to store them during the night, or during rain. Shade sails should be stored in a safe place, free from pests or any other potential damagers.

One of the most important and often overlooked practices is to regularly clean the surface of your shade sail. The shade sail’s outer surface is continuously exposed to both extremes of the harsh Queensland weather, so over time dirt, dust and mould may begin to accumulate. Regular cleaning is essential to maintain the colour, quality and performance of your shade sail structure.

While washing your shade sail may seem like an audacious, time-consuming task, don’t be too alarmed yet. Cleaning your shade sail is as simple as removing it from its fixtures and hanging it vertically. A somewhat light soap, some water and a soft brush is all you need to effectively clean your shade sails and ensure continuous protection. So how often should you be cleaning your shade sail structure? Well it depends on both the size of the shade sail and the waste it accumulates, but generally once a year will suffice.

The quality of your shade sail is dependant on the supplier and manufacturer. Take a look at local, established companies such as Sunshine Coast shade sails supplier EC Shades. The experienced team at EC Shades provide an effective solution sure to meet your needs. The well respected Sunshine Coast business maintains an unrivalled level of industry expertise, more than qualified to answer any questions regarding their product range.

So whether you’re looking to buy shade sails for the home, the office, the playground or the car park, EC Shades provides versatile, durable shade solutions.